Comic 69 - ACOS #19 COVID-19 and General Update

14th Apr 2020, 1:18 AM in A Comic Of Sorts
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ACOS #19 COVID-19 and General Update

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Trad 14th Apr 2020, 1:18 AM edit delete
Life update or some shit at the bottom.

Irene Rise Makhulu (from BOED) was one of the first characters to appear in
this comic itself, and she's been criminally underutilised since. It's not only because of me being held up, but also because I am lazy, and she might be reworked into something that I can actually work with instead of a lady with Surrealist powers. Maybe someone who walks the corridors of powers and by doing so, defines them.


You might notice I've gotten quite a foul mouth. Apologies.

It's been a while. Two years - and more, for some comics of mine, is kind of really long. But it's been a goddamn wild ride through uni, and I don't feel beholden to go on announcing "hiatus" because no one reads my shit as of now and I'm doing this for my enjoyment, and also for some degree of practice (regardless of how little improvement I actually show).

However I do feel beholden to procrastinate and draw occasionally; though running societies in your third year, while writing a dissertation on Shanghai's role as a haven in Holocaust exile studies does not help with giving you time to do so. This is especially if you've recently let go of yourself and took up the habit of staring at the computer for extreme lengths of time.

Nevertheless, I kind of forgot how to draw comics for a while, and have been working slowly, slowly to understand the language again. Running an art society gives me some incentive, and then there's Anak Bintang, which I'm currently slowly working on. It's especially tedious, considering that I'm stuck with pen and paper, and might be able to do more with digital methods - though once I did try borrowing a tablet and getting frustrated with it due to the tyranny of choice and the poor feel. I really love the texture of paper.

And now this is what I have. It's been a while. I think I've remembered some things unconsciously, forgotten a lot, which means that I can relearn better.

Maybe you'll see me in a week. Maybe you'll see me in two years. Or never. But either way, I'll keep on scribbling when I get the chance.